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Sting Ray City
sub-category : Snorkel
img 09-14-2010

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What do you get when combine about 200 south Atlantic sting rays, squid, and about 150 snorkelers…Sting Ray City!  Kimberly and I took a Western Carribean cruise a few years ago and one of our excursions was to the Grand Cayman Island.  Our stop included a boat trip out into the bay where the now famous Sting Ray City resides.  Every day hundreds of snorkel-clad tourists arrive with buckets of squid.  Nearly all the rays still have their stingers but due to years of squid-feeding they are about as docile and domesticated as you get.  Squid are held in your closed hand with your thumb tucked into your fist.  The rays will float up to you and suck that squid right out of your hand.  Their mouths feel like sandpaper.  It was an awesome excursion and one of my favorites.
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